Some Things About Dialogue

a collection of

words thoughts and phrases

written and compiled by R. Moon

The Quantum Edge    ExtraOrdinary Listening Dialogue Network


Through my experience I form a concept.    The concept or meaning I create is different from everyone else’s.  From my concept I form a description.  My description embodies my unique point of view. My concept does not accurately describe ‘What is going on’.  My description less so.

 I share these as points on a map.  If you can accept the limitations of this description, it can begin a Dialogue to share meaning and deepen our understanding of the study.  

Dialogue in Three Easy Lessons

            Induction                     The focus of attention                                    

            Inquiry                         The recognition of attraction             Inquiry

            Relevation                   Listening to the whisperings              Relevation

            Induction         Feel where you are                 Induction 

            Inquiry             Non-resistant relationship     Inquiry

            Relevation       Share who you are                  Relevation




                                                THROUGH THE ART OF DIALOGUE


Maintain  a  State of  Wonder  



Inquire  together  to suspend  opinions  and assumptions

Seek a state of mind open to new experiences and learning

Dialogue repeats less what you know and more explores what you are learning

The more collegial the atmosphere we create, the more we are able to share mind power, less energy is lost to friction

Dialogue experiments with awareness to recognize how we pay attention

Dialogue seeks direct experience not based on image or history

Recognize familiar tracks of thought and seek the bounds of perception

A tolerance for ambiguity explores new pathways

Coherent thought coherent intelligence

Dialogue explores ‘two directional communication’ 

‘listen as intently whether you are speaking or listening’

Two way conversation listening as you speak

As an exercise in maintaining a relationship to the whole, 

speak to everyone in the group 

Without making it out there or separating from it

Relevation means allowing what is relevant to elevate into consciousness

Shared Inquiry

Shared experience that creates culture


Informed by a larger process.

Develops and expresses a reverie.

Inquiry and the power of collective intelligence

Full of Wonder

The (leading) edge of the unknown

The mystery




Suspension of assumptions

Self – Reflexivity  

Indicators indicate patterns – efforting, agreeing/disagreeing, defending, time conscious, communicating out there

Equal Attention to Process and Content – Attention to process is developed by not giving value to one thing over another 

Fragmented  Awareness

Awareness of the whole

Intense energy of listening

Attention to how we form meaning

Collective intelligence

Thinking together and speaking together

Intense energy of listening to others and oneself speak what feels most essential and true at each moment.

Meaning through disciplined attention.

Awareness of our thought processes.

How we make meaning and the implications of human meaning and valuing.

Attention to experience thinking beyond opinions and assumptions.

Direct experiencing and continual inquiry versus accepting old concepts and descriptions unquestioned.

Forming of one’s deepest and most immediate experiencing. 

Inter-play between perception and meaning. 

Seeing the building blocks of our personalities and dissolving the glue to allow a more consciously created human experience.

The door to not knowing.

Speaking from a state of mind body unity.

No distance between you and your words.

Awareness beyond habitual thought patterns 

Seeing and thinking in new ways

Thinking as distinct from thoughts

Feelings as distinct from felts

Thinking develops thoughts. When we operate out of thought we function out of past knowing.  Dialogue catalyzes the movement from thought into thinking, movement from assuming we know to an exploration of the unknown, a shift from knower to learner.   Dialogue illuminates the limitations of incoherent thought.   

                                                David Bohm,  On Dialogue

“Our thought is incoherent,

 when it does not produce what we intend

The purpose if there can be said to be one, 

might be stated as; 

we come together to learn to talk together

and to think together

Shared meaning is the basis of culture

 We absorb a great deal of that meaning      unconsciously at the tacit level.

I’m suggesting that there is the possibility for a transformation of the nature of consciousness, both individually and collectively, and that whether this can be solved culturally and socially depends on dialogue.  That’s what were exploring.

‘intense energy’ of listening ‘freedom from self protective reservations and barriers’

a stream of meaning flowing among and through and between us; . . . out of which will emerge some

new understanding.

It’s something creative. And this shared meaning is the glue’ or cement’ that holds people and societies together

we are not playing a game against each other but with each other.  In a dialogue everybody wins.  

                                                David Bohm,  On Dialogue

“All who are joined in a genuine dialogue need not actually speak;  those who keep silent can on occasion be especially important. But each must be determined not to withdraw when the course of the conversation makes it  proper for him to say what he has to say.  No one, of course, can know in advance what he has to say; genuine dialogue cannot be arranged beforehand.  It has indeed its basic order from the beginning, but nothing can be determined, the course is of the spirit,  and some discover what they have to say only when they catch the call of the spirit.”

                                                            Buber, Martin  

                                                            1965, The Knowledge of Man

                                                            New York Harper and Row

“The map is not the territory.

 The map does not represent the whole territory.

 The map points to the mapper and their interaction                       with the territory.” 


The Quantum Edge    ExtraOrdinary Listening Dialogue Network

This is an experiment in whether this information would have value for people exploring dialogue. Please forward any feedback.

If there is a guideline that you use or things that you would like to see included in the document please send them along.

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The Dialogue Process enhances one’s creative approach to relationship, business and art. 

Some Things About Dialogue