A Quick Review of the April 18th Class

The Study and Teachings

A Quick Review of the April 18thClass 


Richard Moon, Aikido 6thdan

Ame no Uki Hashi  : The “Floating Bridge of Heaven”

Week one:        Oxygenate– Pranayama – Breath work. Introduceactivate.

Week two:        Activate IntroduceAppreciate.

Week three:      Appreciate, and the Floating Bridge of Heavenintroduce the Unified Field of Aiki.

Week four:        “Unified Field of Aiki”as “Standing on the Floating Bridge of Heaven.”

I am a story-teller and these are my stories. You must come to understand them through your own experience, to realize if they are true for you.

Next week all the exercises will focus on                                                                                               “Unified Field of Aiki”as “Standing on the Floating Bridge of Heaven.” 

for your ¿notes?

What matters?              What do you want?   

Review – for more detail see notes from previous weeks and/or please review the archived classes. We moved quickly through these exercises, emphasizing creating your own variations. I encourage you to, through practice and listening to the kami, create your own version. I say, “it’s your art now.” 

E L breath, – listening to the impulse to breathe

*Seeking the source of the impulse to breathe

Aiki-Dance Breath – you breathe it – it breathes you 

Four Phases of the breath cycle – Varied counts

Audible Manifest – Silent Invisible – Hidden Divine   Misogi                                       *Absorption Breath* introduced experimenting with absorbing the breath into the cells of the body, so you exhale less then you inhale

Activation  – Isolating aspects and Unifying  


Three stretches three articulations
Shoulders chest abdomen wrists fingers 
elbows shoulders hips knees ankles toes

*Isometrics  Introduced Tensing one muscle group against another / or  moving / one against the other. Operating with the greatest resistance for strength building. Then relaxing and moving with the least relaxation possible. Then extending to increase range of motion.

 ***Meditation microdosing 

            align – with the earths energy with the force of gravity

            allow – everything to be what it is in including you

            appreciate – unify attention  and experience

                                    Appreciating any difference after an exercise 

Waking the neural system up from – Sleep mode
Meditation microdosing – in the energy dimension all three practices done together – the three become a chord, a unified experience.  

Floating Bridgeof Heaven : we started our approach Two forces neural energyBringing them together implies one dimension of standing on the floating bridge that connects heaven and earth 

Next week this will be the major focus

we are second stage of his Budo it’s your art now
the floating bridge     1+1=1                                                                                                              
**** Unified Field of Being 

The most famous hymn of the rig veda, the gaytri mantra

says the expanse of yoga can be understood if you meditate on creativity {savita}

* The Known & The rest 

1+1=1 There are two forces that unify to make life to create reality to sustain the creation. This is the essence of and DO or path to creativity.known w the unknown / Improvisation and composition / masculine & feminine / individual with the universal attention with experience  / mind body – – there’s what you know – – And there’s everything else The study without exploring that part of the study is putting on a good face and to continue  applying techniques to each other

1. It hits us –    

2. we blend with it And as you open what you know to the unknown of friendship develops a positive relationship develops and understanding that the energy is an ally And that’s the shift the way of harmony offers

2A. we experientially recognize our oneness with it 

3. We identify as it. – When he said one who understands the secret of Aikido has the universe within themselves and can say I am the universe
as bob says o sensei said that one is a bigger jump

scars a lot of people

Center >Ground >Flow = fluidity > creativity– Seed Base & Flow extension

Power under the mat 

what is the effect of your efforts tip toe – stocking feet step down on your thing

Unified field – corpus soma psyche

Whole and total

I think if you’re not seeking your universal alignment or standing on the floating bridge “The way means to be one with the will of God and practice it
Even if you’re slightly apart from the way it’s no longer the way”

isolated individual to universal cosmic consciousness  –

If you can go into the experience, even pain, it seems worse but  is healing. When you’re in touch with your experience, you tend to make much more intelligent choices.