Classes & Schedule


Everyone is invited to an Aiki-Dialogue

Monday April 20th 6:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time

Taking the Aiki power of harmony and the spirit of reconciliation

into the most common human interaction, conversation and discourse

A  chance to share thinking together 

 for the enjoyment of exploring collective intelligence


creating a beautiful world

Less a class though there will be some skill building and information offered

And as well the intent is to hand off skills

for dialogue so any of you who choose can create your own sessions

and bring people together in the spirit of harmony

 Dialogue is different than discussion

 discussion derives from the same root as percussion and percussive – to break apart

Dialogue is a discipline of collective intelligence

 that takes perception beyond

 the limitations of our systems of thought

and fixed ideas

 into a realm of greater intelligence

The opening session will be facilitated by Chris Thorsen

Chris is a skilled facilitator who led dialogues

for decades in the world of business

and more importantly in the world of international peace building

He is also one of the founders of the technology

and shares this brief introduction:

         ∞ Dialogue and Discussion∞  

Dialogue                                             Discussion

   Deepen Understanding                                        Argue Positions

    Explore the Unknown                                     Promote the Known

     Raise Questions                                             Answer Questions

   Examine Assumptions                                     Defend Assumptions

    Listening                                                         Speaking

   Flow of Shared Meaning                              Shadow of Unmet Needs

   Talk to the Whole                                      Talk to the Other Side

     Emergent Consensus                                      Engineered Solution

    Inquire / Sense / Learn                                Advocate / Sell / Persuade

     Unfold Complexity                                        Arrive at Closure

Consider                                                         Decide

                                               The Discourse Spectrum

      Dialogue                                             Discussion

   Open. . .Generate. . .Reflect. . . .Strategize. . . .Negotiate. . .Debate. . .Decide