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All these things are difficult to form into words. If a person gives a name to something and then holds fast to that name, he will miss the real meaning.

Yet if no name is given, then he floats about in empty space and does not attain awareness.

Chozan Shissai – Master Swordsman, Japan 1728

The Tao which can be expressed in words is not the eternal Tao; the name which can be uttered is not its eternal name.

Only one who is eternally free from earthly passions can apprehend its spiritual essence; he who is ever clogged by passions can see

no more than its outer form. Lao Tsu


The Art of Peace is medicine for a sick world. There is evil and disorder in the world because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. Return to that source and leave behind all self-centered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything.


If you have not Entered the emptiness of the pure void,
You will never understand The Way of Harmony.


“In order to learn Aiki, you must stand

on the
Floating Bridge of Heaven.”

A direct student of Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei once expressed it to me this way:The Founder told us that if we could not stand on the Floating Bridge of Heaven then our training would not bring forth Aikido technique, so it was essential that we do so at all costs




合気道の本当の力は出てこないだ ろう。

“Ichirei Shikon Sangen Hachiriki”“One Spirit, Four Souls, Three Origins, Eight Powers”


“I think that if you cannot understand
Ichirei Shikon Sangen Hachiriki, breath (kokyu) and Aiki, then even if you practice Aikido the true power of Aikido will not come forth.”


“Sangen” “Three Origins”

The three basic building blocks of the universe – heaven, earth and man, represented as hard, soft and flowing by the circle, triangle and the square



Eight forces sustain creation:

Movement and stillness, Solidification and fluidity, Extension and contraction, Unification and division.


To practice properly Aikdido, you must: Calm the spirit and return to the source.

Cleanse the body and spirit by removing all malice, selfishness, and desire.

Be ever-grateful for the gifts received from the universe, your family, Mother Nature, and

your fellow human beings.


“However strong the opponent is, when I stand to face them the power to overcome them, power that I don’t myself understand, comes forth.


The secret of Aikido is to harmonize ourselves with the movement of the universe, and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself.